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Save yourself countless hours of research. Put your worries to rest. All business opportunities listed in the Home Income Digest are not only legitimate, but offer an excellent chance for your success.

The Home Income Digest isn’t a regurgitation of information you can find just about anywhere. Our 100+ page manual is packed with detailed information on over 40 of the best home-based business opportunities out there. We scoured every source imaginable: websites, magazines, newspapers, radio ads, television ads, call-in phone numbers, free publications, and word-of-mouth. We even personally ordered the supposedly “legitimate” work-at-home directories currently available.

Then we put all the opportunities we gathered to the test. We researched them, scrutinized their claims, evaluated their structure…we even checked them against reports from The Better Business Bureau! The ones that passed muster are included in the Home Income Digest.

When you order the Home Income Digest, you get:

A list of home-based business opportunities that can be operated from anywhere in the United States and meet all of our stringent requirements.
Detailed information on each business opportunity – 2 to 3 pages that include terms and conditions, fees, order forms, product pictures, and complete contact information. You know exactly what the business is, how it works, and what the costs are.
Diverse business opportunities that include home assembly, home-based management, in-home consultation and on-site service … there are even a few franchise operations you can start with less than $20,000.
A variety of opportunities that let you choose whether you work part-time, full-time, or even just occasionally/seasonally.
Opportunities that are structured so you can work at your own pace – your level of effort determines your income.
Opportunities that fit the budgets and skills of most people – some even have start-up costs under $100!
Up-to-date information that we verify every quarter so you know that the opportunities listed are actively seeking new associates.
Our no-hassle money back guarantee.

Each business must meet our stringent requirements:

The company MUST have no unresolved complaints with:
The Better Business Bureau® (BBB)
The Attorney General (in the state where the company is located)
The Secretary of State (in the state where the company is located)
The Chamber of Commerce (in the city where the company is located)
The company must have a structure that offers a realistic chance for success with a reasonable amount of time and effort.
The company cannot limit participation based on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation or age.
The company’s opportunity cannot require a minimum level of formal education (often a high school or college education is helpful but not required).
The company must provide any specific training required for the opportunity.
The company cannot state a maximum on the amount of income that can be earned.
The company must include computer training for opportunities that require more than basic computer skills.
The company must have a clearly stated refund policy.